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The 0L Network is a layer 1 blockchain. 0L is a community-driven open source project. There is no corporate sponsor, no venture capital, no foundation. Everyone involved in this project is here because we believe in the power of decentralized architecture and community governance. The community sets the path for the project. If you want a voice in the project, all you need to do is participate. If you don’t like what’s happening with 0L, don’t sit on the sidelines. Get involved, use your influence, help us build a better project.

How did 0L get started?[edit | edit source]

0L is a fork of the open source codeset that was created by the Diem Association for the Diem network (previously known as “Libra.”). Work on the project began in 2019. You can learn more about the technology and how it has been modified for use as a public network by visiting the Technology Overview page on the 0L.network website.

How do I learn more?

Check out the list of links on the Homepage of this site -- they will direct you to the various online sources and community sites.