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February 2024[edit | edit source]

February 7, 2024 Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, claire, dmski, mat0, veight, theoneid, ricoflan, cryptocat

  • Big communication will be coming soon. Prepare for some important news.
  • Community call is postponed, in part to wait for these updates.
  • Emphasis should be on hyping up the community call: twitter and ambassadors
    • Focus is on kepeing messaging clear and aligned
  • 5 ambassadors now
  • Daniyal established telegram channel. We discussed whether it should be launched now or wait for the upgrade. Consensus was to wait for upgrade and name change.
    • Also discussed the purpose of having a telegram: popular in crpyto and dgen communities
    • Some moderation of telegram channel may be needed
  • Urgent need for decision on domain name
    • Some resisting the .network ending
  • Hustle Karma bounties now live on the 0L Website. Need to add some marketing bounties there. Share any ideas you have.

January 2024[edit | edit source]

Jan 10 Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

  • State of the Network and Current Potentials
    • We talked about alot of the current potential of things happening on the network and how we can utilize it to get the network in a overall better position when it comes to the launch of V7
      • 0L Swap giving the token somewhat of a price discovery adding validity to the project and something for exchanges to check out
      • With that, @dmski brought up ⁠hustle-karma-wg bounties and how we can now leverage the token as a reward better we can come up with more bounties to continue this push for upgrades to the network
      • Something we also talked about for bounties is getting people to start porting Aptos apps to 0L, but we also were able to discuss the road block in front of that:
      • Before we can even start deploying we need a web wallet so that people can even interact with the dapps (MetaMask Snap[An Aptos one already exists ], Petra, Pontom, 0Llet)
      • Even before that, we need to come up with some sort of way to automate the onboarding process so that there is less friction in the process to be able to use the 0L network in general. Another good hot topic for ⁠😎|dev-discussion
    • We talked about the new 0L Swap site and how we should approach it from a marketing standpoint, this is on hold until we can get more info from others.
  • Rebrand Conversation
    • We discussed the possibilities of a rebrand for the network before the Launch of V7
      • If we are going to do something, we gotta do it before v7
      • We discussed a potential name change for the network token $0L (zero-el) to something else, some reasons brought up were because of the ability to mask a scam token as 0L or 0I wouldn't be too hard, and also the agreement on how the name is supposed to be pronounced. With this tho, there are alot of high level implications that come along, like code changes or govenernce implications. Tis a heavy topic, but one that should be discussed amongst ⁠marketing-wg & ⁠governance-wg
  • State of Validation
    • Brought up Validator Doc for post rescue, great points were brought up.
      • Something like this would best case scenario should be automated
      • Also not the biggest priority to get more validators, what is more important of the coordination to get reward bids back in shape to restore reward amount. Something that should be brought up in ⁠😎|dev-discussion

December 2023[edit | edit source]

December 13 2023 Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, claire, dmski, mat0, veight

  • Might be a good idea to bring some positivity through comms, particualrly internally. There is a risk of low morale due to the slow down.
    • "One cheeky little message out"
  • Ambassadors continue to be active, with some focus on promoting move.
  • Not much going on with Zealy.
  • veight working on a tweet deck
  • A community member created a long doc about blockchain/0L history. veight will check if it can be shared.
  • We will still meet Dec 20

December 6 2023 Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, claire, Daniyal, dmski, veight, sirouk, ian g

  • Need to keep clear stance on exchanges etc from marketing perspective
  • With v6.9 and upcoming v7, there is a lot of work to do. Ideas are collected in the google sheet (see Nov 22 notes)
    • BCMO willing to open bounties
    • Everyone is enocuraged to sign up on the google sheet
  • Key Roles: Need to vote soon. Please put your hand up if you are interested
  • Ambassadors lately focused on internal comms
    • Surprised by low number of questions regarding the upgrade
    • May be helpful in producing content for V7
    • dmski asked some community members if they want to be ambassadors. They declined: low time or lack skill
  • Not posting any new quests on Zealy (at least for now)
  • Veight: working on a lot for comms.
    • Better understanding after working with validators
    • Working on creating graphic layouts on canva
  • Need to keep sharing posts about hte wider move ecosystem
  • podcast ideas: 0tt0s and one with 0D. Claire to come back to
  • V7 Launch date: 30 day timeline may be a bit challenging from a marketing perspective.
    • Should it be pushed back? Perhaps at least the launch party event will be pushed to mid January.
  • Ian introduced himself: active member for a while

November 2023[edit | edit source]

Nov 22 2023 Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: claire, BCMO, mat0, rico, veight, dmski, mrcryptoface, sirouk

  • Internal comms for v6.9 remains a priority, especially with the slight delay.
    • 6.9 genesis on Monday
  • Bounties are moving from airtable to website
  • December community meeting coming up - Rico will not be there
  • Ambassadors status remains the same.
    • V7 might be a good time to push for new ambassadors
  • dmski working on blog post
  • Discussion on recruitment: is it a bit slow because of the general market?
  • Prep for V7 launch
    • 30 days covers a large holiday period
    • Would be good to have everything ready by early December
    • Need plan for constant comms
    • mat0 suggests starting google sheet to collect ideas for marketing
  • mat0 sgugests reaching out to people who have built dapps on aptos
  • General consensus: We need to be attractive to developrs

November 15, 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: claire, dmski, veight, sirouk

  • Main priorirty: internal comms around v6.9
    • Brainstormed a marketing plan with daily posts
  • Discussion on brand identity and template creation -- agreed it is good to make content creation easier and more consistent
  • Need to revisit press release after 6.9

November 8, 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: claire, dmski, veight, Mrcryptoface, ricoflan, sirouk, uncivil engineer, Psilocybe, theOneID, knopissime

  • BCMO & veight had call to flesh out content strategy: three key points
    • brand consistency across platforms
    • working together: pulling frmo different aspects of community
    • not working without approval to avoid wasted time and effort
  • Veight currently updating and adjusting content calendar
    • shooting for two tweets a day
    • content calendar should also make it easier for people to contribute
  • Veight will put call out to collect users who could be tapped for info for these types of posts
  • Reminder: ask for help if you need it when creating anything to ensure it aligns with the messaging
  • ricoflan makes point that we should emphasis community and governance and less technology
  • debank: content plan to mirror twitter plans as veight figures out more about what fits best with debank
  • claire to organize community meeting on 0L organization (working groups, key roles etc)
    • next Tuesday
  • HK working group has been working on clarifying zealy/bounty confusion
    • zealy will primarily focus on retweeting
    • possibly to move bounties out of air table and onto website
    • bounties also need to be updated: trimmed and added
  • Need for better communication on token final supply
  • Dmski still actively recruiting ambassadors
  • Dmski working on POF and MC blog

November 1, 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present:claire, daniyal, dmski, sirouk, SnowLion, veight, ricoflan, hamstermarlborough, BTC hodler, AnggiaRannie, CryptoCat, sprudchenko, Elvis Presley

  • 6.9 - is the initial comms clear?
    • veight, snowlion and bcmo to connect on a graphic on how balance will change
  • Outward comms sohuld increase - maybe up to one a day
    • Need more help with 6.9 content
    • dmski will work on PoF and musical chairs blog
  • Ambassadors continue: mainly two active ones
  • Need clarity on hustle karma tasks
  • Should we invite people to create dapps? nfts?

October 2023[edit | edit source]

October 25 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, dmski, MRCRYPTOFACE, Sirouk, veight, RicoFlan, Claire

  • Payments for all marketing roles nad meme contest done
  • Currently the coordinator position is still open
  • Veight has been busy working on content
    • Encourages more retweeting of 0L posts and others tweeting about 0L
  • Veight has been exploring debank platform
  • Content comments/questions that came up during the meeting
    • Should there be a content calendar?
    • How can we avoid losing templates/graphics when people leave 0L?
    • Do we want to use the "most loved token" tagline?
  • Community call for November will also be 6.9.0 AMA
  • Ambassadors: two continue to be really active
    • Open call for applications; four applied
  • DMski working to clarify zealy and HK takss more
  • Rico and Dmski to connect on SoQuest
  • Rico to upload post on the most recent proposal vote

18 October 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, CryptoCat, Claire, dmski, MR Cryptoface, Rico, Sirouk, Veight

  • Notes cut short. Apologies!
  • Meme contest paid out
  • Payments maid to key roles
  • SnowLion suggested another contest
  • Working on internal dialogue around v7 and v6.9
  • Veight will post general call for ambassadors (hoping to get at least 3)

11 October 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: dmski, veight, sirouk, BCMO, claire, Rico, SnowLion

  • Need better presence on coin market cap
  • Ambassadors: two are most active
  • Zealy is slowing down abit
    • Currently experimenting with anotehr quest platform
  • Need texts/media to be more accessible and understanding
    • Perhaps its worth having a working sesion to workshop the messaging of what 0L is
  • Claire working on some events - 6.9 AMA, podcast
  • Oct 29 bday/genesis coming up
  • v6.9 will require prioritizing internal comms as the change will influence everyone's wallets
    • especially in validators community

September 2023[edit | edit source]

20 September 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, dmski, mat0, claire, sirouk, veight, SnowLion

  • Lots of engineering work going on: musical chairs, testnet
    • 6.9 is close! Still planning for 30 days between 6.9 and 7
  • Some discussion on bridging Zealy and discord to build up more discussion within discord
  • TLDR images folder are approved and ready to share
    • veight also created a sheet to request TLDRS
  • Veight has doc of similar web4 projects/twitter accounts
  • Overall goal to get twitter back in action

6 September 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO , @claire! , @dmski , @ricoflan , @SnowLion

  • We will look into closed captioning for discord
  • Meme contest winners have been chosen and will be announced on twitter.
  • Ccontinuing growth with ambassadors, esp in russian/ukrainian language
  • Need to hand over twitter access and tweet deck to Veight
  • Zealy continues to be popular, but needs to be more clear on how to earn/receive payment
  • Lemonium has been doing good work on reviewing dev work and conversations to create content

August 2023[edit | edit source]

30 August 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, ricoflan, dmski, cryptocat, sirouk, veight, knopissime, claire

  • Good engagement in the vote
  • Engineering updates: no set date for 6.9
  • Slight delay in broker payments
  • Zealy - some issues getting bounties, so limitations will be removed and everything pushed through HK
  • Growing Russian community
  • Meme contest still up in the air - claire! to gather them together to review
  • veight focusing on SoMe
    • created template for TLDRs
    • discussed some ideas for ARG

23 August 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: dmski, sirouk, snowlion, rico, mat0, veight, claire

  • Positive progress on 6.9
  • ambassadors continue to create content, but could use more from devs
  • veight introduced his ideas:
  • Sirouk is open to answering develoment/6.9 questions

16 August 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO , @claire! , @dmski , @mat0 , @ricoflan , @sirouk , @veight , @| kamp |

  • Recapped last week's meeting: discussion on 6.9, zealy, and the governance proposal
  • Governance AMA on Friday will need some internal comms (no need for external)
  • Progress continues on V6.9 but no dates yet
  • Veight is interested in taking on a key role
    • "What is more punk rock than 0L?"
  • Zealy: slowed down a bit, but still lots of action
    • Need someone who speaks Russian for reviews -- Need to figure out payment
  • Claire will continue working as archivist and helping with events, but will pass on event coordinator role
  • mat0 continuing to work on influencer outreach
  • mat0 to sponsor twitter verification for a yar
  • BCMO to review meme contes

2 August 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO , @claire! , @dmski , @Flyingtothemoon , @mat0 , @| kamp | , @ricoflan , @!🤴Jaayyy , @LEMONIUM 2.0

  • Debriefed about the monthly meeting
    • v6.9 is going well, there is a list published in dev channel
  • v6.9/v7 FAQ has started to be filled out. May be useful as post content
  • Zealy updates
    • 1500 people working on quests
    • seems to be bringing people in to twitter and discord
    • Agreed that Zealy should get its own channel
    • Question on bounties/rewards for tokens: dmski and BCMO to discuss what those rewards will be. Rico suggested having a low threshold to bring people in at first
  • Twitter influencers: dmski, kamp and mat0 discussed bringing in influencers. There could be funding if this is something we want to pursue.

July 2023[edit | edit source]

26 July 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: claire!, dmski, BCMO, Lex, Flyingtothemoon, kamp, ricoflan, mat0

  • mat0 is ramping up the twitter army and reviewing previous content to prublish
  • Finding new social media leda remains a priority and a challenge
    • Will be advertised in community meeting and in governance group
  • Rico agreed to give lead time for marketing v6.9 (internal) and v7 launches (external)
    • BCMO offered to lead the v6.9 campgain
  • Zealy: DMSKI suggests promoting it more
    • to be shared in community meeting
    • Flyingtothemoon offered to advertise it more
  • Need to activate internal comms
  • Ambassador program: hungry for more content
  • Brief discussion on challenges of marketing: need chain to market but also need recruits to build the chain

19 July 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO, @claire! , @Flyingtothemoon , @dmski , @ricoflan, @zhanzhan

  • in process of paying out to key roles
  • Priority: Finding new socials manager by the V7 launch. BCMO will coordinate with Daniyal to find someone who can fit the role.
  • Blog posts seem to be halted. These should be pushed to publication
  • Events: still working on V7 launch and pre-v7 events. Timeline should be more clear once v6.9 is out
  • Ambassador work is releatively quiet as we wait for v7
  • dmski continues to work on zealy and has added marketing bounties. flyingtothemoon gave positive feedback on using the zealy
  • flyingtothemoon gave some suggestions to improve interaction: adding Discord roles, introducing some testnet activities
  • Idea: we are not active in other communities at the moment. Should this be a tactic we investigate?
  • Rico will try to give some attention to the website.
    • May look into finding outside help for this.

July 12 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Mat0 stepping down from social media management, and will move forward with an ambassador role and utilizing the Twitter presence.

One blocker has been dependencies on others to try and get information right. Faster / more effective to do as individual rather than official account.

Dmski suggested we use Zealy platform for frequently / deeply and assign tokens to points as rewards. Group generally agreed with the approach.

We liked the idea of incentivizing apps on other Move chains to experiment on 0L once things are live.

June 2023[edit | edit source]

28 June 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO, @claire! , @Flyingtothemoon , @dmski , @Lex, @mat0 and @judasdaygame (online with mat0)

  • Discussion on dao work structure (?)
  • Judas emphasizes importance of targeted efforts to spread 0l messaging
  • There are some struggles in plannign marketing for V7, but this should become more clear with time
  • Marketing around v7 will require extra work to create good marketing and not shilling
  • BCMO continuing to work on blog post
  • claire discussed v7 launch event: small events vs one super long one
  • dmski gave updates on ambassador program and performance of ambassador

21 June 2023 Marketing Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Present: @.daniyal , @dmski1 , @flyingtothemoon , @optix0 , @ricoflan and @claire!.

  • Daniyal hesitant to upgrade Discord to new layout offered
    • May create some challenges with the verification bot. Users will go through another verification system
    • Archived a bunch of channels
  • claire! gave brief updates on on-going work: chats with 0D and planning for V7
    • for next monthly meeting, will ask WGs if they want to join
  • ricoflan gave some updates on the v7 launch
    • current plan: v6.9 on June 30th, then 30 days later release version seven
    • needs for 6.9: internal comms in place so people are prepared
    • external comms will be main focus for v7
  • ambassador program has been going well, some are especially active. dmski will look into possibly growing the program
  • Dmski sent invites to test out 0l-wide zealy
  • Some challenges with wallet payment due to some not having slow wallets
  • Optix is interested in developer relations role and will start mapping out the ecosystem
  • Dmski started to talk about It is unclear if we meet the criteria to be listed

14 June 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @dmski1, @BCMO, @ricoflan, @mat0, @claire!, @Flyingtothemoon

  • One blogpost already produced, ready in ambassador channel
    • Discussed whether blogposts should be on website or on personal blogs. Decided that they should be reviewed first, but should end up on the website
    • mat0 suggets assigning two people to review content and attach a bounty
    • Reviews should be matched to the topic
    • Corrections should be comments and grammar, rather than complete overhauls
  • mat0 had call with Stakemaster guys, who are interested in a partnership.
    • An informal connection may a good way to get more visibility
  • dmski gave an update on the ambassador program
    • All very active, and he will continue to look into growing the program
  • Rico shared twitter analytics
  • Daniyal shared Discord analytics
  • Daniyal raised the question of making zeely (spelling?) public
    • When its open to the public, dmski loses some control over keeping track of what the ambassadors are doing.
    • dmski and Daniyal will connect on creating a 0L wide zeely
  • claire gave updates on events, including working group AMAs, the update launch, and OG interviews. All in progress but slowly developing
  • BCMO shared the idea for a competition or something fun leading up to V7, possibly with some bounties
    • dmski suggests a meme contest
    • Are we meme-y as a brand? 0tt0 would be a good space for this
  • Daniyal checked in on the status of payments with BCMO

May 2023[edit | edit source]

03 May 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @dmski1, @BCMO, @ricoflan, @mat0, @judasdaygame, @lex, @Claire!

  • Discussed mat0’s proposal for adding more team members to the Ambassador program
    • Dmski1 says they look good and encouraged them to complete the application so that they can move to onboarding
    • Let’s get them started ASAP
  • Note there is a Twitter push planned for this week as well
  • Need to focus on better knowledge management for the Community
    • Time to set up some bounties for more video tutorials
    • We need more/better documentation. Need a worker for this.
    • Need to review and finalize FAQ created by mat0
    • judasdaygame requests a list of what documentation is needed so he can start chasing workers
  • Raised the topic of DevRel support and planning for building more coherent DevRel efforts
  • Update on Team Arctika progress & timing
    • Need to circle back to this group when timing is confirmed
    • Need to work up talking points for managing social engagement and messaging
  • Quick chat to coordinate for the Monthly Community Meeting, scheduled for next week (10 May)

Apr 2023[edit | edit source]

05 Apr 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO#2914 , @ricoflan#2022 , @dmski1#2874 , @lex#1404 , @claire!#6401 , @mat0#7726 , @lenini#0055 , @Flyingtothemoon#3327 , @Arty#3371

  • Discussion of today’s community meeting
  • Discussion of how e can get passed the governance roadblock with an advisory council
  • Social Media update from mat0
    • Waiting on v.6 timing for content campaign
  • Ambassador program update from dmski1
    • Have a number of candidates, but few who meet our criteria
    • We should move forward with the first cohort of 5, for a period of 3 months
    • Let’s get our arms around some of the longstanding members for this first cohort
    • Dmski1 given authority to finalize the participants in the first cohort
  • Should we launch a newsletter?
    • Yes, but right now it may be hard to resource
  • Should we expand Crew3 to the general population?
    • Probably, but let’s trial it first with the Ambassador program
  • WG Key Role elections
    • Terms are up; payments need to be made
    • Nominations are open - post in the channel
    • Will take it up the topic in next week’s meeting

Mar 2023[edit | edit source]

08 Mar 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: BCMO, daniyal, ricoflan, dmski1, Lex, claire!, mat0, Nima, merases

  • BCMO has started the handover of Content Manager Role
    • dmski1 is now spearheading the Ambassador Program
    • mat0 and judasdaygame are taking over social and have access to the Twitter accounts
  • mat0 is still struggling a bit with the FAQ content and explanations of some of the mechanisms
  • 15 March v.6 launch date will be pushed, so we need to adjust timing of several marketing items
  • dmski1 says we have over a dozen applicants for the first cohort of the Ambassador program
    • Though we may delay launching the activity until v.6, we will keep moving forward with the Ambassador program, at least in terms of screening the applicants
    • Compensation: start at 5,000/mo for probation period, then move to 10,000/mo
  • Claire!’s first meeting in her new role as Community Events Manager
  • Gave a quick recap of MoveCon

01 Mar 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @BCMO#2914 , @judasdaygame#6433 , @mat0#7726 , @dmski1#2874 ,  @CryptoWild#5068 , @IvanovDaniil#2876 @ricoflan#2022  

  • Ambassador Program Update
    • To launch in cohorts, with target size of 5
    • 2 week probation period
    • Compensation scales to a max of 10k/month, to be paid out of the Community Growth wallet (B&C wallet)
    • Dmski1 has accepted the Ambassador Liaison role
      • Compensation TBD
      • Will be paid out of the WG Key Role Wallet
    • Discussed process in some detail, as documented in the Ambassador Program document
    • judasdaygame & Mat0 will help get dmski1 started on performance tracking for Ambassadors
    • We need to get better outreach to our Chinese community
    • Next up is finalizing comms documents and get it to launch, timed with v.6
  • v.6 soft target date - 15 March 2023
    • Press Release being finalized
    • Twitter army being lined up
  • BCMO will be stepping down as Branding & Content Manager (still keeping the role as Broker, etc.)
    • Will manage the transition across the next few weeks
    • Possible replacement: judasdaygame
  • Event Manager (Claire) starts 6 March
  • MoveCon appearances, 3-4 March

Feb 2023[edit | edit source]

15 Feb 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @lex#1404 , @BCMO#2914 , @ricoflan#2022 ,  @MrMcCRYPTOFACE#1646 , @mat0#7726 and a couple of other people I missed (sorry!)

  • Upcoming Pontem Move event participation
    • We are definitely participating
    • Ricoflan will join, working on zmanian or Daniyal to join
  • Website CSS fixes are almost complete
  • Ambassador Program
    • Need to make sure validators are supporting the wallet
    • In the interim, the WG Key Roles Wallet can backstop funding if needed
    • Original intent to was to launch with v.6, now there is some discussion of launching it slightly before
    • BCMO still refining requirements
    • Perhaps we launch with a small cohort, then open up more on a periodic basis
  • Update from mat0 on their community marketing effort
    • Seeing some good initial traction with organic Twitter presence
    • Working more on content creation
    • Willing to help promo Pontem event and v.6
  • Just got word that the Events Coordinator Role has been filled

08 Feb 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @lex, @BCMO, @ricoflan, @judasdaygame, @dmski1, @grzz, @R3DD3VIL, @takemichi, @Yogurt, @knopissime, @kamp

  • Judasdaygame provided an update on Coordinated Twitter support and upcoming external blog posts
  • 0L.Network website discussion
    • We seem to have a new set of issues
    • Lex favors moving off Wordpress (possibly Webflow or Squarespace)
    • Rico and BCMO advocated for staying with WP
    • Yogurt also raised the option to use Framer
    • Need to stop deploying to production — need a dev server/sandbox for reviews and approvals before pushing to live site
    • BCMO to work on making a list of bugs and prioritize fixes
    • Rico and BCMO to work getting dev server/sandbox set up
  • Judasdaygame is looking for collaborators to work on NFT launch post-v.6
  • We need to knock the website issues on the head and get sorted out for re-launch with v.6
  • Pontem has invited 0L to participate in a Move conference (online in March)
    • BCMO to share info on the event so we can find the right person
  • Yogurt raises the issue of launching a Business Development & Partnerships Working Group
    • Purpose would be to attract new contributors and build partnerships
    • Yogurt will create a one pager to lay out the idea for feedback
    • Let’s find other workers
    • Set a meeting to discuss priorities, targets, work load, supporting materials needed
    • ricoflan proposes that this working group becomes a sub group of B&C (maybe rebranded as Marketing WG?)

Jan 2023[edit | edit source]

25 Jan 2023 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @lex, @BCMO, @ricoflan, @judasdaygame, @mat0, @dmski1, @kamp, @Daniyal, @IvanovDaniil, @Pepper

  • Website decisions need to be made.
    • Are we staying with Wordpress?
    • Decision: Let’s find the workers and then take their advice before make a decision
  • Introduction of @judasdaygame & @mat0
    • Introduced to the project by @Hemulin
    • They like the 0L project, the story, the values, and want to help
    • Want to focus on raising brand awareness and driving membership and engagement
    • They have experience in the crypto space and have resources they can apply
    • They focus on Twitter
    • B&C is supportive, but we need to create a shared playbook to leverage efforts
    • Are willing to start the work without figuring out incentives to prove their value
    • If we find value in it, then we can give them some compensation TBD
    • They ask if there is a budget for community giveaways, contest, etc. B&C said, yes. We will revisit this when Twitter count is higher (~10k)
    • Encouraged them to liaise with @BCMO

May 2022[edit | edit source]

25 May 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGΞ , @lex, @JackLin, @ricoflan

  • Website
    • Posted proposed information hierarchy
    • Wireframes also posted on the B&C WG channel
    • The group workshopped the information hierarchy, seeking consensus on labels and groupings
    • @designSAGE will update and repost for discussion
    • Need to firm up partners for inclusion on site @ricoflan to follow up
    • Webflow? Wordpress? Squarespace?
      • some preference to stay on Wordpress
      • @BCMO might be a candidate to assist on the Wordpress work
      • Decision taken to let’s try out using a WordPress template/framework and if we can’t get the result we desire within 30 days, we will pivot
      • Todo: Recommend WordPress templates / frameworks
  • State of the re-skin of the 0LExplorer
    • Have a nice protos from contributors
    • Group reviewed the two ideas and endorsed the @ET design due to ease of execution
    • ToDo: @ricoflan to reach out to @gnudrew about reskinning
    • @designSAGE to coordinate with @ET to get info needed (styles, etc.)

04 May 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGΞ , @lex , @Daniyal , @0D | 0o-de-lally , @Alex | OmniStake

  1. Poll Results: Carpe Diem won the poll. This is our logo of choice.
  2. We discussed @designSAGΞ and @BCMO Information architecture:
    1. Discussion about user journey and how to structure pages.
    2. Let’s find the goldilocks messaging where we’re not saying too much or too little appropriate to the project's maturity.
    3. Priorities: Landing Page and calls to action, maybe model the Stripe pages.
    4. Less is more in terms of pages. Focus less on Research and Participate for now.
    5. @BCMO structure focus on Landing Page, Developers, Community -> Resources also good approach.
  3. @0D | 0o-de-lally Three audiences:
    1. Builders (need 10x developers: website might not be the starting funnel for them.),
    2. Traders: We are different because we are bootstrapping, a blockchain that’s not owned by venture capitalists ,
    3. Everyday People: Blockchain is membership. Not about attracting institutions for now.
  4. @lex to work with @designSAGΞ on the next turn of messaging.
    1. Focus will be on the landing page.

April 2022[edit | edit source]

27 Apr 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGΞ , @Elliott (ET) , @lex  , @Daniyal  , @BCMO , @0D | 0o-de-lally , @Conda

(1) Really great milestone today getting the logos to a spot for community vote.   Thank you @Elliott (ET)  for the fantastic work, @lex   for creative direction, and everyone for their active participation in giving feedback and iteration including special shoutouts to @ricoflan @Daniyal .

  • Next steps:
    • How do we expand on this logo branding work to more surfaces faster?
    • @Elliott (ET) :We can do trial by fire, create a brand guide, or test it on a surface like the website.
    • Desire is to have this brand expression be applied as a unifying visual across: Website, Developer Handbook, Block Explorer, Social Media, Brand Style Guide.

(2) Our group needs to unify on a unique selling point. @lex  to comment on the current design brief. Anyone else please feel free to add your input.

(3) Information Architecture of Jobs to be Done by website as first step so the different pages can be split out amongst more owners. @designSAGΞ @Elliott (ET)  to iterate on information architecture

@BCMO  also has some time available this week and will reach out individually to how he can contribute

(4) Discussed the need for a Minister of Content. Someone to run the outwards communication strategy, content calendar, and demonstrated experience in twitter and activating communities@0D | 0o-de-lally  suggested spearfishing for someone active in the broader crypto network. New member @Conda  suggested @cmtopdog  and he can possibly nominate others.  @lex and team to generate list of 20 candidates.

20 Apr 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @ET, @lex, @JackLin, @Daniyal, @Ashiiix

  • Logos
    • reviewed some context/sample placements of the two logo ideas
    • ET has made some revision to the selected logo designs and we are ready to present those to the community
    • for the community meeting: Lex and ET will present the ideas to the community
  • Website Info Architecture
    • ET and DesignSAGE have done a prelim assessment of the website architecture and are exploring some recommendations for improvements
    • Also some discussion around our USP/positioning, with a suggestion that we dedicate a session to this in the near future
    • Prelim discussion of website platform. This is TBD

13 Apr 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @Daniyal, @ET, @lex, @nibbler, @bryeds78

  • We have another refinement of the two chosen logo design
    • Reviewed the revision
    • Discussed process for presenting the ideas to the community, as a precursor to voting
      • Want to be able to show designs in the meeting with the community
      • Need to work up a few examples to show logo in context
      • Lex and ET are proposed to be the presenters on this
      • Discussed voting process (Discord Pollmaster Bot).
        • Timing for Community Voting:
          • Target date for the presentation is the 27th
          • Voting to begin immediately thereafter
  • Initial discussion of information design of the 0L website
  • Good discussion around the projects positioning relative to competing projects and the USP for 0L.
    • Will expand this discussion as we look at website revision and other external messaging
  • Call to action for the group to work fleshing out the content strategy document added to the WG channel by @Lex.
    • Specifically the request is for 5 content ideas (lightweight — just titles/ideation)

06 Apr 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: unknown

  • @ET presented the two versions of the brand and logo we came to consensus on the final two.
    • Next steps are to put it to a community vote
    • @Daniyal said there was a method for doing this and putting it to a community vote.
  • @designSAGΞ presented some preliminary website design comps.
    • Some feedback about the colors (red) and shapes (same light source), feedback on the content modules more important right now.
  • @lex quickly touched on buffer tool and needing folks to work on content creation both on social media and blog content creation.

March 2022[edit | edit source]

30 Mar 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @Daniyal, @nibbler, @ET, @Mustycryp, @rydercryp, @Jack Lin

  • Review of logo revisions
    • lots of good new work
    • Logo idea #1 (key): We have consensus on a design, but with a request for a minor revision to typography
      • @ET to revise
    • Logo idea #2 (sun): We were not able to arrive at consensus on this design
      • @ET to provide additional ideas for consideration next week
  • New Member Orientation
    • Update on progress
    • First session is this Friday
    • @BCMO is helping with the creative side; @Daniyal and @ricoflan
    • Call for other participants
      • @nibbler is interested
      • @designSAGE is also interested, but likely not free for a couple of months

23 Mar 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @Daniyal, @Ashiix, @Panther, @pithecus, @Mustycryp, @rydercryp, @BCMO @lex

(Note this wound up being a 2 part meeting due to confusion over the recent USA shift to Daily Savings Time, as a result, not all attendees were in both sessions on this date)

  • @DesignSAGE to put together a mission and find a bounty sponsor for Community Meeting Recording and YouTube Management
    • Worker is Tejas
  • New Member Oreo: @Daniyal and @ricoflan are looking for collaborators for this new monthly event
    • BCMO volunteered to help out
    • Will scope it out and go back to @DesignSAGE for creating the mission and bounty
  • Panther — willing to do video / animation work for us
    • (1) create stock intro for our YouTube videos
    • (2) create an intro vid for the project. Will also use for the new member Oreo
    • DesignSAGE to create mission and find bounty sponsor
  • Mustycryp interested in social media work
    • ricoflan to raise with Lex in the channel
  • Elliott is revising the logo designs, as per notes from last week; he will provide revisions next week
  • @Lex raised the need to accelerate work streams by moving into more parallel project management
    • We might want to consider project managers for particular work streams and run them in parallel
    • Content strategy needed

16 Mar 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex, @Daniyal, @Ashiix, @ET, @Panther, @Krinik, @Jack Lin

  • Review of Elliot’s (@ET) revision of the shortlist of logo ideas
    • Good work on exploring variations of the 2 shortlisted designs
    • Lots of good conversation on the logo designs…
    • Elliott will revise for next week in line with the discussion today (variation around the key, variation around color, one more revision on idea #2 - specifically to explore word mark vs. logo/symbol)
  • We’re a little stuck on comms and content. Need workers here!
  • What about getting better exposure of meeting announcements and community news?
    • Discussed what information might be useful for social sharing
    • Should we move our Community Meeting to Twitter or Zoom?
      • Discussion on preferences. Mixed result. Some preference for keeping them on Discord, but other views were expressed.
      • Perhaps poll the community on this?

09 Mar 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex, @Daniyal, @Ashiix, @ET

  • Review of Elliot’s (@ET) submission re: logo ideas
    • Good, high quality work
    • Reviewed proposed ideas and attempted to arrive at consensus around direction and need for revisions
    • A preference was expressed for Version C of the key logos (i.e., the key with the triangle)
    • Should we enclose the logo within a circle? Will consider this further and live with it a bit.
    • Discussed design approaches to help manage the potential confusion in regards to “zero” versus the letter “o”
    • Also discussed adding “Network” (i.e., “0L Network”) into the logo design kit as our word mark. Group agreed to explore this idea.
    • For a second idea, the group asked Elliot to also interate on some of the block letter designs he presented in the latter part of the deck.
    • Elliott to provide additional revisions in the coming week
  • Hope to land on two mature options to put before the community for feedback
  • @designSAGE hopes to share some website and 3D design ideas for us next week
  • Regarding social media:
    • @Ashiix expressed an interest in helping. 
    • @Lex proposes that we could use help on content creation, which we can then buffer and schedule.
    • We will connect via DM to figure something out.

February 2022[edit | edit source]

16 Feb 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex, @Jim S, @Daniyal, @Elliott, @FredTwist**

(1) Elections - Motion made to make our Interim Key Roles our official Key Roles. Passed.

  • Lex - Coordinator
  • DesignSAGE - Broker
  • ricoflan - Archivist

(2) New bounties for content & comms

(3) @Elliott shared some initial design ideas, including mood boards and logos

  • Solid ideas; group expressed a preference for the lighter board
  • Decide to accept this work and have @Elliott revise
  • This triggers prelim payment for the bounty on this mission
  • @Elliott to revise, as per feedback and present again

(4) Let’s focus on primary brand now, then turn attention to Carpe

09 Feb 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex, @Jim S, @Daniyal**

(1) @Lex has been pushing on recruiting

(2) Update from @DesignSAGE re: design work missions

  • really focused on building our mood boards to get alignment on visuals and values.
  • Deadline: Complete Mood Boards by next Wednesday

(3) Raised the issue that we need more contributors

  • Want to ask our Moderators to push people towards Hustle Karma tasks
  • Need help both with design tasks and on the content side of things
  • Content Priorities (we need bounties around these things):
    • PR
    • Blog content (various topics suggested, incl a community update every couple of weeks)
    • Social and community engagement

(4) New Members Recruiting

  • @DesignSAGE suggested an infographic for onboarding
  • Can we structure a way to decrease onboarding friction?
  • An Recurring Onboarding Seminar is one idea
  • Creating an easy-to-claim bounty might also be a good way to incentivize and create engagement
  • The group agrees to start work on this and firm up a strategy

(5) Update on MediaWiki deployment

(5) Elections - we need to schedule them!

02 Feb 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex, @technique, @Elliott, @daniyal**

(1) We need to reach out to MystenLabs re: adding us to their website

  • @ricoflan to take this on

(2) Recruiting - we need more workers in general, but in particular we’re lacking resources on our external comms and community management. All should reach out.

(3) An issue was identified with the existing Hustle Karma AirTable.

  • The doc is complicated and tends to be a poor comms tool. Wd be good to improve it. - @DesignSAGE and @ricoflan to take this up with the Hustle Karma WG

(4) There was a discussion of process for publicizing new tasks/missions for our design efforts.

  • @DesignSAGE will begin posting some new tasks today.

(5)  We have the need to spin up bounties around social media management and content creation

(6) We gave 0tt0 a facelift this week

(7) We are working to establish a press release cadence.

  • First was the MystenLabs announcement;
  • proposed second relates to Carpe Beta release;
  • proposed third is an additional partnership announcement TBD.
  • timing relates to when Carpe Beta is ready for release; likely in the next week
  • third press release to follow shortly after second
  • @ricoflan is working on this and looking for collaborators

(8) Meeting terminated early due to connection problems. Discussion to be taken up on our Discord channel

January 2022[edit | edit source]

26 Jan 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex,  @daniyal, @elli0tt, @0o-de-lally, @lanis, @tejask98**

(1) @lex has accepted the Interim Coordinator role

(2) Brand Values survey review led by @lex

  • We have some initial conclusions, based on the responses (23 responses)
  • Audience:
    • Priority focus - developers, dapp, institutions & enterprises, investors
      • What sort of devs? There was a preference for focusing on Web2 devs that are crypto curious, with the second higher response for crypto native devs with smart contracts experience
      • Given the project maturity stage, what may make the most sense right now is focusing first on the developer audience, in particular with preference to Web2 devs starting their blockchain journey, and secondarily, investor(wc?)
  • Values:
    • Transparent, Innovative, for builders, safe, revolutionary
    • Competitive brand values (our USP): Community centricity (by a large margin), fast and open, next gen, empowering, liberating. This gives us a good starting point, but of low differentiation.
    • Putting it all together
      • Takeaways:
        • Focus on attributes that allow web2 devs to join
        • Stress liberation and inclusivity
        • Use counterculture and playfulness as a flag to signal tribe and belonging
  • Staging: Community Health > Better Product > The Right Partners > Successful Go To Market
    • Next Steps: Time to actionalize this, with visual and content ideation

(3) The issue of how do we set bounties appropriate for design work, along with associated process, was raised by @designSAGE.

  • Given that design work has a different dynamic than most other types of work (i.e., back and forth, multiple revisions, partial acceptances, etc.), how do we provide a fair process?
  • @lex had suggestions, which @designSAGE can consider when designing process with the Hustle Karma Working Group

(3) Internal Comms Platform - tabled to next week

(4) Carpe 10x Blitz - tabled to next week

19 Jan 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: @designSAGE, @ricoflan, @lex, @0o-de-lally, @technique, @wolfsken, @tejask98, @daniyal, @scohe, @lanis**

(1) Brand Values survey update.

  • Reviewed survey and responses to date.  
  • 16 responses right now.
  • Call to all attendees to complete and publicize to get more input before next week.

(2) @jayhxmo reached out to @Adal re: Carpe UX. They are taking that up.

(3) Internal Comms platform: Docusaurus vs. MediaWiki

  • Next: Individuals working this to have a recommendation for the B&C WG next week

(4) Interim Coordinator: @ricoflan to reach out to @lex to see if he is interested

(5) Carpe 10x Blitz (formerly referred to as the “New Years’ Blitz”): @0D thinks we need to begin working on this now, before Teams. Next steps:

  • Lets do 2 Teams AMAs, starting this week
  • Resurface explanatory materials
  • Outreach to community influencers re: Carpe

12 Jan 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: @0o-de-lally, @ricoflan, @SAGE, @lex, @Alex, @kotha.tejas, @jayhxmo, @ttommy, @Daniyal, @technique**

(1) Core challenge: Brand values definition is needed in order to inform design and voice/tone

  • It is going to be very important to socialize this concept and the proposed values and get people to interact; we need broader community input
  • (Background) 3 Pillars of our positioning to date:
    • 1- Cyberpunk (counterculture/anarchist/revolutionary);
    • 2- Robin Hood myth / poetic (e.g., 0tto storytelling);
    • 3- Professional/Institutional.
  • There are problems with that combination of things — there are inconsistencies. We need to refine this and define appropriate pillars that reflect our identity going forward

(2) Who is our audience? Who is our community?

  • We need to work up some personas and get a handle on this

(3) Briefly discussed @jayhxmo’s prelim thoughts on Carpe UX.

  • @jayhxmo will engage on this further work
  • will connect with @Adal to coordinate

(4) Brief discussion of the prelim work on brand identity done and shared by @designSAGE (posted in the channel)

  • feedback is positive
  • will post into the #design channel for feedback
  • will slow work until brand values definition firms up, as this will inform design revision and selection process

(5) @ricoflan and @0o-de-lally to collaborate on New Years’ Push, once Teams issue is sorted

(6) Internal comms

  • @AlexB, @technique, @Ricoflan to collab on platform selection

(7) Website help — @technique will help

(8) Interim Coordinator open - pushed to next week

(9) Looking forward: Items for the next meeting agenda

  • @lex & @designSAGE- to create GDoc/form for us by next week to explore brand values and audiences
  • designate interim Coordinator
  • update on internal comms platform selection
  • review of brand values definition doc

05 Jan 2022 Mtg[edit | edit source]

**Present: 0o-de-lally, ricoflan, designsage, wolfsken (partial)**

(1) reviewed/discussed @designsage proposal for chunking the initial design work flow

(2) Finality of brand: We will be going forward with 0L and Carpe

(3) Priority work streams: Brand mark & concept illustrations (as per proposal from @designsage))

(4) Discussion of brand voice

  • The goal is to achieve balance - a voice that is professional but approachable

(5) Priority target market: Prospective community members; developer outreach to trail as tooling becomes available

(6) Discussed New Years Blitz proposal advanced by @0o-de-lally

  • this will trail the Teams proposal (which is TBD), so the time line on this is also TBD

(7) The Branding 7 Comms Working Group is in favor of the Org Proposal promoted by the Governance Working Group

  • @designsage to be the interim Broker
  • @ricoflan to be the interim Archivist
  • interim Coordinator TBD

(8) Before next meeting:

  • @designsage & @lex to start engaging around on brand values
  • @designsage to begin prelim work on brand identity
  • @ricoflan and @0o-de-lally to collaborate on New Years’ Push

(9) internal comms? — Before next week’s meeting all should consider options (i.e., wiki, or other platform) and also take a look at the GitLab Handbook, which we can fork if so desired

December 2021[edit | edit source]

15 Dec 2021 Mtg[edit | edit source]

  • Alex - OmniStake: Has experienced resources he can bring to the project
  • LG — interested in design of tools
  • Lex - loves brand & editorial
  • xulian - is interested in brand
  • M0ot - a resource. Management of branding and comms
  • Shashank - just lurking
  • Priorities: Brand and Teams Comms (& WG organization)
  • Brand Scope Doc (from Lex) needs input
    • Need to chunk the brand work and integrate into Hustle Karma
    • May be able to synthesize Mission & Vision from existing discussions within Discord — can someone take a run at this?
  • Should anticipate issues with incomplete or unaccepted work. Create a hierarchy of acceptance/payment conditions. (Qualifies/Unqualified) — Working Group will take on some of this (a framework)
  • Goal: Review the Brand Scope Doc by next week
  • We need to prioritize outreach, to attract more people to the project and to participation in working groups
  • Suggestion made to push for multilingual
  • We need someone to focus on the Teams PR / outreach
    • Alex will help
    • Ricoflan will help
  • We have the @designers user group on Discord— do we need more?