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Community programs are wallets that are created for the purpose of funding a specifically defined need, for example, engineering bounties. 0L makes it easy for anyone to spin up a Community program and seek funding for their cause. Here's a list of the current programs, along with brief details.

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Program Purpose Manager

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Wallet Address
A Good List Supports a collection of non-profit and humanitarian organizations. Contributors can vote on the weighting. ricoflan BCA50D10041FA111D1B44181A264A599
Application Studio Newlab started this program to back teams that have clearly-defined plans to leverage 0L for applications with real-world, measurable impact and utility. victorethno bc25f79fef8a981be4636ac1a2d6f587
Danish Red Cross Humanitarian Fund Under the auspices of Red Cross humanitarian principles, the Fund aims to improve outcomes for communities affected by humanitarian crises. ShabbatCottonTail B31BD7796BC113013A2BF6C3953305FD
Deep Technology Innovation Program BlockScience has established this Program to create a pathway for funding to the academic fields that technology and other crypto networks rely upon. mZ BB6926434D1497A559E4F0487F79434F
Human Rewards Program A program to allow anyone that can verify they are human to receive some coins for some human work. Adal F605FE7F787551EEA808EE9ACDB98897
Moonshot Program Inspired by the well-known Xprize awards, we think large and meaningful rewards are necessary to materialize frontier technologies which are ambitious, speculative, and non-obvious. 0o-de-lally 2057BCFB0189B7FD0ABA7244BA271661
Ongoing Full-Time Workers Program The iqlusion FTW Program aims to collect ongoing donations, and redistribute those donations to any engineers working full-time on the 0L platform on a monthly basis (collectively the FTW). 0o-de-lally 3A6C51A0B786D644590E8A21591FA8E2
RxC Research and Experimentation The RadicalxChange Foundation has established this  Research and Experimentation fund to advance new incentive structures. Matt P C19C06A592911ED31C4100E9FB63AD7B
Social Infrastructure Program This program is designed to provide capital to fund a wide range of benefits to 0L members in alignment with the mission, vision and values of the community. mZ 19E966BFA4B32CE9B7E23721B37B96D2
The Iqlusion Engineering Fund This program will establish and compensate community members engaged in engineering work whether original work, maintenance, or review of the code. zmanian C906F67F626683B77145D1F20C1A753B
Tip Jar A personal tip jar for the lead 0L developer, who has contributed thousands of hours of work to the project. 0o-de-lally 2B0E8325DEA5BE93D856CFDE2D0CBA12
University of Toronto MSRG This program seeks to attract funding to help support basic research & discovery targeted at distributed ledger and blockchain technology as well as distributed systems in the long term. Shashank 1367B68C86CB27FA7215D9F75A26EB8F