Coordinators' Working Group

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Mission & Scope[edit | edit source]

Adopted by Coordinators’ Working Group on 20 Jan 2022

The Coordinators’ Working Group is a “meta” working group. The membership is composed of all the individual working group Coordinators, plus others who are interested in joining.

Scope of Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  • Meet regularly in open meetings, publicized in advance to the community
  • Fill the required working group key roles (i.e., Coordinator, Broker & Archivist)
  • Employ the dedicated working group channel as your workspace
  • Maintain transparency and strive to build consensus for actions
  • Provide a coordination layer between the working groups
  • Coordinate on issues of importance that are not being managed by any other working group
  • Define the high level policies for all working groups
  • Coordinate solutions to systemic issues (i.e., issues that cut across more than one working group)
  • Arbitration of any disputes that cannot be resolved by individual working groups (i.e., an appeals process)
  • This group is also empowered to commission missions and set bounties (through the Hustle Karma process) for tasks that relate to the scope of this working group.

Special Parliamentary Rules[edit | edit source]

Key Roles[edit | edit source]

  • Coordinator  : @zmanian | iqlusion
  • Broker  : @IO | Input Output
  • Archivist  : @Alex | OmniStake

Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

The meeting minutes of this working group can be found on this dedicated page.