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Background[edit | edit source]

OL is currently using Airtable to keep track of our bounties but we have a problem getting traffic to the missions. Gitcoin is a great way to get exposure to workers looking to earn by doing. With our Airtable structure we have set up, there was not a way to directly post the tasks on Gitcoin. To post a task on Gitcoin there needs to be a Github issue that it links to. We have created 0L Bounties repository and it will be used as the source of truth for our bounties on Gitcoin.

Process[edit | edit source]

Create Bounty and Add Github Issue[edit | edit source]

  • Create the mission in the Hustle Karma Airtable as per usual
Airtable Mission.png

  • Be logged into your Github account, navigate to the OL Bounties Issues Page and click the new issue button at the top right.
OL Bounties Github Issue Page

  • Choose the Bounty Template to ensure we have consistency.
OL Bounties Github Issue Template Option

  • Fill in the bounty template(the template will make the bounties a consistent format and it also has a disclaimer about payment in 0L GAS)
Filling in the OL Bounties Github Issue Template

Link Github issue to Gitcoin[edit | edit source]

  • Navigate to Gitcoin, log in and on the top right, hover over your profile. Select new bounty. Watch the video to get better acquainted with the process.
Create a Gitcoin Bounty

  • Fill in the form and link it to the Github issue you created. 0L is not supported as a chain(yet), we will specify Celo as the chain because it does not require you to use any funds to create a bounty(The disclaimer in the template makes sure the worker knows the bounty is not for the currency specified).
Filling in the Gitcoin Bounty

References[edit | edit source]