Gitcoin Bounties


OL is currently using Airtable to keep track of our bounties but we have a problem getting traffic to the missions. Gitcoin is a great way to get exposure to workers looking to earn by doing. With our Airtable structure we have set up, there was not a way to directly post the tasks on Gitcoin. To post a task on Gitcoin there needs to be a Github issue that it links to. We have created 0L Bounties repository and it will be used as the source of truth for our bounties on Gitcoin.


Create Bounty and Add Github IssueEdit

  • Create the mission in the Hustle Karma Airtable as per usual

  • Be logged into your Github account, navigate to the OL Bounties Issues Page and click the new issue button at the top right.
OL Bounties Github Issue Page

  • Choose the Bounty Template to ensure we have consistency.
OL Bounties Github Issue Template Option

  • Fill in the bounty template(the template will make the bounties a consistent format and it also has a disclaimer about payment in 0L GAS)
Filling in the OL Bounties Github Issue Template

Link Github issue to GitcoinEdit

  • Navigate to Gitcoin, log in and on the top right, hover over your profile. Select new bounty. Watch the video to get better acquainted with the process.
Create a Gitcoin Bounty

  • Fill in the form and link it to the Github issue you created. 0L is not supported as a chain(yet), we will specify Celo as the chain because it does not require you to use any funds to create a bounty(The disclaimer in the template makes sure the worker knows the bounty is not for the currency specified).
Filling in the Gitcoin Bounty