Governance Working Group

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Mission & Scope[edit | edit source]

ADOPTED by the Governance Working Group on 10 Feb 2022

The Governance Working Group is tasked with supporting and encouraging the smooth operation of the community decision making process.

Scope of Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  • Fostering community discussion & building out set processes around how we foster debate and reach a consensus that adapts/grows as the project scales
  • Raising community governance issues back to key stakeholders including: other working groups, community managers, validators and the wider Carpe Community
  • Act as a neutral and objective arbiter of discussion focused on the policy, procedure and facilitation around how the community reaches consensus on key decisions
  • Manage & support the proposal process and help scale & develop frameworks we follow as a community
  • Meet regularly in open meetings, publicized in advance to the community
  • Fill the required working group key roles (i.e., Coordinator, Broker & Archivist)
  • Employ the dedicated working group channel as your workspace
  • Maintain transparency and strive to build consensus for actions
  • This group is also empowered to commission missions and set bounties (through the Hustle Karma process) for tasks that relate to the scope of this working group.
  • Manage the Parliamentary Process Guidelines for the community

Parliamentary Rules[edit | edit source]

Key Roles & Discord Handles[edit | edit source]

  • Coordinator : William | Curiosity
  • Broker : Danny | Curiosity
  • Archivist : cjh247

Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

The meeting minutes for this working group can be found on this dedicated page.