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Introduction to the Handbook[edit | edit source]

This is the Handbook for the 0L Network. The Handbook exists to make it possible for our community members to self-help when it comes to performing common tasks, and for anyone who is interested in 0L and how our community works to learn more. This is a community-owned and community-maintained site. The contents are often "works in progress" (particularly at this early stage in the lifecycle of our community); many processes and workflows are still being defined, and will no doubt be the subject of ongoing attempts to optimize such things.

What Can You Find Here?[edit | edit source]

The Handbook is essentially a README for operating successfully within this decentralized community. Our goal was to provide open access to the information anyone needs to self-help, to educate themselves about the 0L Network and how to community works, and to fast track your ability to assess whether this community is right for you and how best to engage.

Accordingly, you will find on this site information about our organizational structure. How responsibilities are divvied up and shared. How to join in discussions and how to take on work within the community, for fun or for bounties. If you want to join a working group, or take part in a meeting, you will find here information about all the groups, what they do, and who is leading them, in addition to basic information like how meetings are run and votes are taken.

How to Contribute[edit | edit source]

The Handbook is community-owned and community-created. You if spot missing information, you can add it in. If you identify an error, you can correct it. Editing the pages of this site is open to anyone -- you simply need to register. Do note that notifications are sent to page owners when contents change, and that the site maintains a revision history of all changes. This information is visible to anyone, and the community is expected to take an active role in maintaining the integrity of the information in the Handbook.

So, jump in and make things better!