Key Role - Archivist

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0L Working Group Role Description[edit | edit source]

Current as of 15 Feb 2022

Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  • Records and publishes meeting minutes in the proper location
  • Coordinates community comms for the group
  • Moderates working group’s channel on Discord
  • Facilitates meetings in the absence of the Coordinator
  • Provides working group updates during the Weekly Community Meeting

Term[edit | edit source]

3 months

Compensation[edit | edit source]


Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Responsible for creating the working group’s Events in Discord
  • Will be granted moderator privileges on Discord
  • If unable to attend Weekly Community Meeting, Archivist is to find a replacement to provide the updates for the community
  • If the working group is using video or audio recordings, the Archivist is to manage those and assure that sure recordings are made in compliance with relevant privacy regulations