Key Role - Community Manager

Current as of 07 Mar 2022


  • Contribute to the design and implementation of techniques to enhance the community’s presence and stimulate positive activity
  • Help organize and potentially host regular community calls and other community events
  • Act as a bridge to relay critical feedback and pain points from the community back to the teams (i.e., working groups) that need to know the information and are best positioned to address the issues
  • Help design and implement solutions to community problems & build consensus for the solutions
  • Collaborate with others in the community to engage in long term planning for community development
  • Engage meaningfully with both our community and the wider crypto community as an advocate for the 0L Network
  • Help work on systems needed for the community, e.g., Discord, voting mechanisms, resource libraries, etc.
  • Help assure that the community is a cohesive group working together towards common goals
  • Help inform the community about issues of concern and work to generate alignment
  • Maintain the “This Week in 0L” post every week in Discord
  • Be a visible member of the Discord community and liaise with the Moderators to help manage community discourse


  • Open ended; in the community’s discretion.
  • The Community Manager is requested to give 30 days notice if they are unwilling or unable to continue in this role.



Additional NotesEdit

  • The Community Manager will need to liaise closely with the Moderators’ team and with the Coordinators’ Working Group; accordingly, it is recommended that the Community Manager attend meetings of those groups.